You know the vibe. 2soxx are a collective of fashion enthusiasts from the major urban cities of the UK. 

We started 2soxx out of frustration. We were not seeing enough of our lifestyle in our clothes, and by lifestyle we mean right here, in the cities of the UK. Our generation of the peng creps, waviest music and drippiest drip seem to have got it right with the t shirts and tracksuits, but let's be honest, we've never seen it in the socks...

So we've worked hard in 'the lab' and taken it back to the basics, expressing the lifestyle we have with the words, imagery (and emoji's) we use everyday. 

We like to see ourselves as a bit different to other brands/suppliers out there. We've dedicated ourselves on quality, service and swagger.

So let's moonwalk back to the beginning of 2soxx. Its starts with two guys- The Hood Dreamer and The Shoreditch Hipster, both experiencing the same frustration. Wanting clothes expressing some of the slang and splash in our lifestyles and having to accept we would never find much was a given. This combined with having friends who always noticed we were trend setting with our drip, incorporating daring pieces with well known brands (we all know where this is going...)..and 2soxx was born in these streets. Together with our highly skilled and trendiest friends, we've got you covered. 

Once you wear The Bare Tired or The Pull Up socks you'll understand. Try a ting and buy one pair. With this you'll be supporting local business, supporting a black owned business and telling the world what you're about without saying a word.

Soxx are the new shoes.